My Children's Stories

Author Lois DeWitt

I have written and illustrated two stories for children,

specifically to share them online with all who visit my Free Online Art Classes website. And, like my website, they are FREE to read, enjoy and share!

I am also a cookbook author. You can click on the Artful Cooking button on the left to see my cookbook. But these children's stories were a lot of fun to do because I could illustrate them!

I hope you enjoy them and that you are inspired to write and illustrate your own stories!

My first story is, "Black Charles and Mrs. Gray,"

is actually about myself and my Standard Poodle, Charley. At age 72, I am indeed, a "Mrs. Gray." And yes, Charley does come from Florida and we did attend dog obedience, tricks training and agility classes, although, to date, Charley has not had an opportunity to accost a robber and become a hero! He IS fond of digging in the yard however, and loves to run and jump over things.

If Charley could talk, he'd be saying, "It's March and who would not want to go out to the cold, windy beach? I love it! So? C'mon!"

I have enjoyed and lamented the loss of three Standard poodles in my lifetime. Charley is my fourth and perhaps he and I will get old together. He is eight now and I am 72.

I admire his versatility, much better than mine and appreciate is willingness to wait for me going up hills and stairs.

I love you Charley!

It's February, 2013 and Charley and I went out for a walk In Carolina State Park. It was quite lovely, then it started to rain! Here in coastal North Carolina, when rain happens, it happens big!

I had just had Charley groomed and his hair was cut quite short, in expectancy of Spring, which happens pretty fast around here.

When we got home, Charley was a bit shivery, so I put one of my t-shirts on him--a Home Depot t-shirt (one of many I have because I work at Home Depot in Lighting/Electrical.)

Happy New Year! 2012 picture of Charley, looking handsomer than ever!

Click here to visit Charley's Healthy Dog Blog

Hi! I'm Charley! I was just a year old when my owner, Lois, made a blog just for me! Now I'm eleven! Lois says that eating healthy food and getting plenty of exercise is important, not just for Standard poodles like me, but for all dogs!

Find out how I did in Obedience, Canine Good Citizen and Agility classes. I just finished the "Hollywood Stars" Tricks Training Class. That was my favorite!

Meet some of Charley's fans at this fun blog!

Here's a site we love to visit--Carolina Poodle Rescue at Dreamweaver Farms

Click here to read "Black Charles and Mrs. Gray."

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My second story is, "When Kevin Was King,"

Didn't all of us, as children, create worlds that were full of adventure and danger? Perhaps kids these days play video games instead of spacemen and cowboys and Indians like we did long ago! But I think a child's imagination is a beautiful thing. In teaching art, I seek to keep that imaginative part in children (and adults, too) alive and productive!

"When Kevin Was King" is about a little boy who lives in a city and create a fantasy world in the vacant lot next to his apartment house. His inner-city world is his kingdom and the junk in the vacant lot turns into his treasures.

Both  "Black Charles And Mrs. Gray," "When Kevin Was King," are FREE for you to read, share and enjoy

Click here to read "When Kevin Was King."

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Real Feedback

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Lois, Thank you so much for this video.You have really outdone yourself on this one. I am truly inspired to give this a try! This is really stunning! I love it. I wanted you to know that you have been a real blessing to me. After the sudden passing of my husband (of 33 yrs.) I decided to take up art, and your site was one of the first I came across. It was, and still continues to be one of my favorite sites for inspiration and relaxed learning. You're a gem. Keep it up! Thanks Much Kim Tanner


I discovered your website today and I am so impressed by the content. Not only it is free but is far superior to other websites.

My name is Dena and I'm from Queensland in Australia. Just recently (few weeks ago I picked up a paint brush and love it!!! I'm a Mother of 4 and 46 this year, work full time real estate sales.

I've never had an art lesson and was surfing the Internet for free tutorage on acrylics. That's how I discovered your incredibly helpful site.

You are the one that should be charging not the majority of other ones I have found. My question to you is below is a painting that I'm trying to copy, however the running bits of paint at top I'm not sure how to get that effect.

I'm only on lesson one of yours as I just discovered it only hours ago. But if you would share with me how to achieve this it would be greatly appreciated.

Again, thank you for such rich information on your site. I'm so excited to get to experiment with all you share



I have had the immense pleasure of discovering your web site and found your online studies. I am a retired person and one of my goals now is to learn drawing and eventually, painting, at which time I'll need formal tutoring or teaching. I made the list of materials to start drawing and am now going out to buy them, then I'll start the six lessons you suggest. I am so excited that I wanted to thank you for being so generous to the rest of us by teaching freely on line. Happy New Year!

Jorge del Valle