Learn Water Color

You have always wanted to paint with water colors but...perhaps the water color class was scheduled at an inconvenient time. Or, maybe it was too expensive. Some of my students have told me that it took them years to get up the courage to learn water color painting. Why did it take so long? The main reason was that water colors seemed to be intimidating because it was hard to erase or paint over a water color (although not impossible.)

So, suspecting that the first brush stroke put down had to be exactly the right one, this kept many people from enjoying working with water colors.

I have created many water color project videos demonstrating the skills and techniques I have taught over the past 50 years, as well as several videos of my water color students working on some of the projects.

From these videos you will learn basic water color techniques, including: color mixing, washes, brushwork, masking, sponging, and working from a photo and from your imagination.

Are you ready to begin learning basic water color skills

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Real Feedback

I took a water color class years ago. There were six of us women and we had a lot of fun, but I don't think we learned very much. The teacher just let us paint and "play with water color" and taking your lessons, Lois, I'm really feeling like I'm learning how to paint with water color! Great website,

Annie B.


My eight year old son likes to draw. You sent me the drawing lessons and I am helping him with them. We are having fun and hey, guess what, I'm learning to draw too!

Helga V, Sweden


You said everybody can draw, even if they can't draw a straight line. So I am working on how you told me to do the still life and really am having fun! Just want you to know I'm drawing and shading and love it!



"I used to love doing art but then life got it the way and all of a sudden it had been 10 years since I picked up a pencil to draw or a brush to paint. I decided to make time in my life for art again, but didn't know where to start and felt so rusty. While researching online I came across Lois' website and it was the answer I was looking for! Lois' lessons are great for beginner and experienced alike, they are very professional and really are free like the website says! I have run across other websites that make this claim and then follow with hidden fees. Not only are the lessons free, but Lois will help you every step of the way just by sending her pictures of your work in progress! These lessons are a valuable asset for anyone wanting to bring art back into their life, or dip their toes in for the first time." ~ Rene Wagenaar.