The Artful Life Program

About The Artful Life Program: A Business Proposal

I wrote "The Artful Life Program," as a business proposal for a Small Business Course in 2006. It has always been my dream, since then, to activate this proposal and make it real. At age 72, and as an art instructor of many subjects, I feel a Program of this scope can enrich the lives of many who are of my age, a little younger, a little older.

Many of my art lessons for this website--Free Online Art, are part of the curriculum for the Artful Life Program.

The Artful Life Program is an educational life long learning service available to retirees and independent seniors that will provide a different holistic approach to the disciplines of painting, drawing, design, ceramics and collage as well as art history and the study of reflection, imagination and creativity. Program is specifically designed to invigorate and educate 50+ individuals interested in learning about art, studying an art skill and incorporating creative thinking into their daily lives.

Included in the Program Plan are specifications for facilities, financials, target markets and guidelines for information-rich art instruction.

As with all of the art resources and instruction on this website, the Artful Life Program is free to access, use, enjoy and share with others.

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Real Feedback

My eight year old son likes to draw. You sent me the drawing lessons and I am helping him with them. We are having fun and hey, guess what, I'm learning to draw too!

Helga V, Sweden

I'm 50 and going to retire soon. I always wanted to be able to draw so now is the time. I saw your website and you sent me the classes link. What you said about my work I sent you was right on!

Much improved, I'm hummin'!

Mac B, Toledo, Ohio


I'm really impressed that I got good drawing instruction for free! Thanks so much, Brian Dudley


Hello, I have been drawing portraits lately and feel your crosshatching method has been very helpful! My shading has improved immensely! I will work on the line drawing as soon as I have time! Rose


Please send link to basic drawing lessons--enjoyed your blot painting! Thank you, Phyllis