Art Tours and Travel

When there is a chance to get away, how do you vacate? Does your get-away enrichment include galleries, museums, cultural tours and the chance to paint in beautiful places?

Perhaps it is time to take a cultural tour of art museums, galleries and to sit back and have a knowledgeable soul tell you about Romanesque architecture.

An artist's colony or retreat would be just the thing--you would meet creative people, indulge in painting, drawing, sculpture or whatever your muse desires, and return home not just recreated but enriched and fulfilled!

Experience Montreal for business and pleasure!

Art Tours and Travel is an enchanting listing of cultural tours in wonderful places and wonderful places to not just recreate but create!

Ready to embark? Click here to begin your exciting FREE art adventure!

Real Feedback

Dear Lois,

Thank you for sending me the link. And God bless you for offering the course free.

My family and I are Filipino (from the Philippines) expatriates here in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). Both my daughters, 11 and 14 can draw really well but I would like for them to be guided professionally in order to develop their talent. I saw your website through yahoo search. When my kids saw the lessons through the link you sent, they were delighted and excited to start. This weekend we'll try finding the supplies that you listed.

Thanks again and we pray for more success for you.

Sincerely, Aileen


I was looking up "how to paint with acrylics", and exploring the different links, when the word Free caught my eye. I looked at your artwork first, and loved it...which does matter when I am learning from an instructor. I have played around with acrylics before, but basically am self taught. I was interested in learning about general things like what types of brushes to use, brush strokes, laying paint in layers, wiping mistakes, and the placement of light colors as well as dark as far as painting order. I was impressed with your quick response and kind demeanor. I scanned the lessons, and now am happy and ready to start my adventure and get the proper brushes and supplies.I can't wait. Your sight is not only informative, but you inject some "heart" into it. Thank you! Susan in Florida


Thanks very much for the link to your basic drawing lessons. I am working very hard on them. Right now I'm getting ready to do the one where you use a pencil as a gauge. I'm enjoying the lessons very much.

You asked a little about me... I live in Connecticut, I work full-time, am married, and will be 58 this September. I had applied to the Academy of Art University, but found out that I would never be able to afford the tuition and pay off my mortgage before I retire. So, I searched the web for alternatives. You came up in a search for online art lessons. I read about you and decided you sounded like a great fit. And, that you don't charge for sharing your knowledge and years of experience really impressed me. Thank you so much for your generosity.

Talk to you soon,



Thank you so much for the link. I am from the Sacramento area in California. I googled art lessons and found your website. I really want to learn how to be a better artist and be able to draw well. Also, I think an app would be nice to have for this lesson. I would download that app if you were to have one. Thank you again for the free classes. I'm excited to learn :-)

-Theresa Totah