Artful Inspiration!

Never too old to be inspired!

Inspiration is what keeps us young and creative. Without it aging happens faster, hope is lost, dreams fade. Soooo....

I finally had to get a new computer and all of my videos and other data had to be transferred to my new computer. Whew! That meant over one hundred videos and hundreds of pictures!

At age 70, (I am now 74, by the way) I found it difficult to leave my old ten year old Dell computer. Easier said than done! As my work shifted to the new computer and I struggled with Windows 8, I found that many of my older programs did not work on the new computer.

This included my Kodakshare software and the Sims2, a recreational favorite of mine. And so, I ended up buying a small computer cart for the old Dell and, to date, it resides in my office along side the new HP Pavilion. I guess these days, I have the best of all possible worlds--bridging the old and the new. I have to confess that the I cannot keep up with the technological storm of I-Pads, I-Pods, WiFi, tablets, etc.

Even though I manage a large art resource website and produce many videos, my simple Walden-type life is enhanced by a more primitive technology: a not very smart phone and my trusty Flip camcorder, which has produced over one hundred art demonstration and cooking videos for my YouTube Channel. (I since then have gotten a smartphone--and love it!)

Technology moves fast and in this day and age, I try to keep up. A recent visit to Best Buy was an eye-opener for me. Six years ago I could identify at least 80 percent of the gadgets and products there--this year, it was more like, what is that and what is that? I've been plowed under by the tech wave....

I have spent a great deal of time and effort the past seven years integrating my YouTube art and cooking videos into this website and my website lessons and pages into YouTube. I realize that a good part of my life now is on the Internet, a global relocation of my being I could never have predicted seven years ago.

It's scary to realize that as I go back to my older videos, I have brown hair instead of white, less wrinkles and thinner! The Internet has turned into my personal journal, my almanac, a faithful recording of my life. I see it as comfortably as paging through old photo albums, although I think that many of my videos have improved over the years.

And when the day is over, there's the Sims 2, ready to live in all of the houses I build for them. Oh, oh, but now the Sims 4 is there. Will I transition?

I most likely will, as I must transition with my art and my teaching art classes. I cannot be stalled out with teaching methods that I employed five or ten years ago because I want to reach all ages of students and speak to them according to their needs with a contemporary voice.

I cannot be stalled out with past techniques and skills that I employed in the past because I am continually changing. My art is organic and goes with me, grows with my hands and my brain. It changes as the world changes, in that tide of time we all swim in....

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Why did we create this web site? The overall purpose is to help people help themselves to create the future of their choice, by choice, deliberately, using their inner resourcefulness.

Two famous Americans sum it up for me: Henry David Thoreau said, "most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them", and William James said, "compared to what we ought to be, we are only half awake".

Having spent over 30 years of my life as a self employed consultant, working with hundreds of companies and many thousands of people, I have experienced too many individuals heading for the grave, half awake, with their song still in them.

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WHAT I TELL MY PAINTING STUDENTS: My "Last Lecture:" Lois DeWitt, Art Instructor

Learning painting from Beginning, to Intermediate to Advanced levels is a funnel-like process--a small area at first, concentrating on specific skill exercises and lessons for technique, then opening slowly to introduce more and more skills and techniques and working towards the development of a personal style.

Advanced painting is the widest part of the funnel, where the student has all of the skills and techniques at hand and begins to choose which skill and technique works best towards their personal style.

In the last lessons of Advanced Painting, the funnel walls break away and a vista of personal growth and progress is now open to the student. For some students, this is an exciting time, as the tethers of the art instruction process fall away and they are free to do whatever they want. For other students, this can be a bit scary, as the comfort of classes is ended and they are on their own.

The migration of the student to a personal studio or work space signals a mastery of painting skills and a maturity of development which will make the student a true artist.

Do you revel in the fresh wind of freedom sweeping past you on this vast plain, or does the open space look a bit daunting? However you may feel, there is one thing that you must keep in mind--that is to always promise yourself that you will make time to paint, to be faithful to your skills and to always enjoy your art learning process.

Your Studio

Imagine yourself in a large, empty studio. There is your easel, your brushes, your palette, your canvases and your tubes of paints. The sunlight is a golden slant through the large window and outside the leaves on the trees are shimmering in a cool, summer breeze. Somewhere, a clock is ticking....

You are standing at your easel, staring at a large, blank canvas. You have done many paintings and drawings. Automatically, your hand reaches for a tube of paint. But wait...

Stand still, for a moment. Listen to the silence and let it speak to you. Now is the time for you to take full responsibility for using your creative powers. You are not alone in this big studio, however. I am in the studio also, ready to help you whenever you need some guidance.

Now, squeeze the colors out on your palette, get your container of water and your paper towels ready. Now take up a brush and paint!

I wish you a wonderful and enjoyable creative journey!

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This site is designed to help the reader achieve a deeper level of spiritual awareness through spiritual tales and artwork. Throughout this site, I will be sharing my spiritual experiences, thoughts and paintings.

Through my words and spiritual paintings you will be able to journey to the spirit world and experience the spiritual reality. Additionally, you will witness my personal spiritual healing and growth by means of spiritual journeys and artwork.

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Peter Clements Art

Offers you a discussion on pencil art, tutorial videos on drawing techniques and practical applications. Including a study on artistic creativity and initiative art.
Find inspiration, motivation, and empowering quotations. In addition, we offer sensible advice to help you and empower you. We encourage you to be the best you can be & Dare To Dream Big. Our goal is to help you take that first step.

Here is my article on "New Perceptions In Art Through Neuroscience Research." To see THIS article and many others art information-rich articles I've written, click here!

"Waiting For A Walk"

Oil painting

by Lois DeWitt


Inspiration is key to creating my paintings and my poetry. How do I get inspired? Over the years I've learned to be watchful for things that inspire me.

I am quick to grab my camera and take a photograph of something that inspires me, be it a bird on the back fence or sunlight glowing on the fender of my car!

I teach students to see the world in a new way, through inspired and artistic eyes. Once you are open to inspiration, be prepared to find it in unusual places. Inspiration often connects with a part of your mind that is hidden. It is the place where dreams are born and all of your responses have been recorded since the day you were born. It is a place apart from our daily thinking and routine. It is the place where creativity lives.

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CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT ABOUT ARTACADEMIA! "Art classes were once for the chosen with special skills and talents. Artacademia breaks those boundaries and reaches toward amateurs desiring perfection in art and drawing”


Finding The Artist Within You is for those that seek to discover and invigorate their creative abilities. After over thirty years of art instruction experience I have learned that there is a large and ever-growing community of 55+ people that seek to discover and develop their creative abilities.

This is a course for you, regardless of your creative talent, age or disposition.

I wrote these lessons after years of teaching experience with the 55+ community and discovered than many, in this age group, desire becoming creative and need creative activities to invigorate their lives and strengthen their mental and physical faculties.

The emphasis is on self-discovery through simple visual exercises and verbal self-expression. Relaxing exercises and recommended readings are included with each lesson.

Groups of students can share their development with others, but individuals by themselves, can learn much from this class, as well. Your interaction, in any case, will be with me, your own personal art coach and the resources I can provide.

Why find the artist within you? Creativity can help you have a better understanding of yourself. Through the free Artist Within Lessons (the link is below) you will discover your innate creative abilities and develop your creative skills. The Lessons are not about creating “works of art," but about discovering your creative self, the artist within you, celebrating and activating that discovery.

After the Finding The Artist Within" course, you will be able to decide what creative direction you want to take, whether it is painting, drawing, collage, or printmaking. The lessons are all available to you on this website, and they are all FREE! The choice is yours!

Click here to begin the free Finding The Artist Within lessons!

Real Feedback

...I currently I'm working with a author for children's books and I'm doing some of the illustration. This has been a real challenge, but enjoying it. When I not at home my sketch pad goes with me and I'm practice on something all the time. I've taken my art more serious and have the time to do what I thought I would never be able to do and you have inspired me to make me realize a dream that I thought I wouldn't get to do in my life time. Will be sending a picture for you to look at and see where I need to do to improve. It may take a week or two, but you will hear from me. Janice


I'm 60 and just getting back into art. My mother was an artist and I always wanted to be one too. I like the (acrylic) painting and I'm just finishing up the Intermediate! Never though I could paint so good! Eleanor Fuller


Please send link to basic drawing lessons--enjoyed your blot painting! Thank you, Phyllis


Hello Lois....In your introductory e-mail you asked about who I am. I'm retired. As I watched my triplet grandchildren drawing and creating fine looking artwork, I got to thinking about how much I had enjoyed drawing when I was about their age. My recollection is that I was pretty good but in truth probably not as good as my aging memory recalls. I do know, though, that I enjoyed it very much. So one day I sat down with paper and pencil to sketch a masterpiece only to find that all the talent I had as a teenager had been lost somewhere on my journey to senior citizenship. The desire, if not the ability, was there so I began searching the net for drawing lessons. I was surprised to find sites that actually provided free lessons. (I fully expected to pay for lessons) I was most impressed with your site so here I am....hoping to reawaken a long suppressed interest in the art of drawing.

Darrell Larson


It's never to late to do art! I've been painting with water color and then did some little cards for my twelve year old niece.

Thank you for your art lessons,

Betty Jacobsen

Notes on Writing The Artist Within Lessons...

Five years ago, for a small business course at a community college I developed a financial plan for "The Artful Life Program," a series of art learning classes for 55+ students.

This offering of art classes could be installed in a community recreation center, a church basement, an instructor's house, or wherever people wanting to learn and do art could congregate.

I had to do the financials, figure out what would be needed to teach in a facility and project an income and expense sheet for its operation.

I came a way from the small business class with a good working plan for bringing art to the 55+ community. One of the classes I called "Finding The Artist Within." Based on my experience with teaching older people, the course was constructed to refresh, inspire and develop creative skills through a series of exercises. I made each project simple, fun and provocative and directed towards an end goal of helping the students choose an artful direction in painting, drawing, printmaking, or collage.

Through six lessons, students could develop their imaginative, visualizing and creative skills will working on projects that were fun for the group and not intimidating.

Over the years, I have taught "Finding The Artist Within," in in private classes as well as life-long learning programs. It remains today, one of the most popular class offerings I have!