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Printmaking! Have you tried it?

The art form of printmaking is fascinating for any number of reasons, but, for me, it is because what I print is the reverse of what I am printing. My students have discover this, also and any times there are happy surprises, unexpected and exciting results in the print they pull off the plate!

These six lessons will teach you printmaking basics--starting with mono-printing, which is simply painting on a smooth surface and pressing down paper on to what you have painted.

Monoprinting is a great way of learning how the reverse process in printing works.

Also, you will collect materials that have texture, learn to make a printing plate with those materials and then print it, revealing a beautiful variety of textures and configurations.

Then, you will learn how to use mono-print and multi-print techniques together, how to make a background block print and add another more detailed print on top of it. You will be introduced to the infinite possibilities of duplication and that is very powerful!

In completing the six lessons you will have learned the difference between mono-printing and multi-printing, You will know what to expect in a reverse image and the translation from the print plate to the print itself. You will learn how to create textures and configuration using a variety of collage/textured materials to make a collograph printing plate.

Accompanying these FREE Printmaking Lessons are my informative, step by step videos demonstrating basic printmaking skills and techniques. At the end of these lessons, you will be well acquainted with printing basics, so, if you choose, you can comfortably and confidently go on to other printing techniques, such as linoleum block, wood block, etching, engraving and lithography.

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Real Feedback

We did some printmaking at summer camp and I loved it! I found your website and me and my friend, Jen are making greeting cards for fund raising at school. thanks,

Tiffany Hodges



I work for a Recreation & Parks Department and I was online searching for some art projects to use for our summer day camp program (and secretly for myself to satisfy the little artist in me!) I look forward to taking some of your online lessons.



It's nice to know this site is available. I appreciate the quick response to individual questions. Thank you,

John Ianniello dba/Murals and More


Thank you for sending the links. I live in Sunnyvale, California. I came upon your site when I was searching the internet for some ideas for developing lessons for a free art class I wanted to offer kids in my neighborhood.

Best regards,



Your demos are great. What a fine way to get used to working with oil pastels. Dave Cornwell

An example of monoprinting--"Diamond Print"

This image was painted with acrylic paint on plexiglas, then a sheet of paper was pressed on to the wet paint. This is the printed image.

Mono printing refers to a printing technique that allows only on print.