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I have created this website, Free Online Art Classes, from over fifty years of experience as an art instructor and artist. This website is an ever-expanding series of step-by-step art lessons and videos in many art subjects including, Painting, Drawing, Collage, Oil Pastels, Colored Pencils, Conte Crayon, Printmaking, Finding The Artist Within, and much more! Here is good information and links relating to creativity in many areas including gardening, lighting, homeschooling, travel, aging and cooking. And ALL of these are FREE to you! Yes, REALLY free!

Colored pencils? Here's my colored pencil drawing, "Red Wine, Golden Afternoon."

Vibrant color, ability to draw detail, shade and develop solid areas of vibrant color--colored pencils are easy to use and a fun way to draw with color!

Acrylic Painting?

Here is my acrylic painting, "Charley On Striped Cushions."

Acrylic paints offer brilliant color, are easy of use, and easy clean up. They dry quickly--a retardant gel medium can be used to slow the drying process down for intricate detail and multiple gradations. On the other hand, acrylics are great for fast, expressive painting and applications of many layers of paint over a short period of time.

Drawing With Pen And Ink?

Here's my pen and ink drawing, "Vines and Leaves."

There is an awesome assortment of pens on the market these days! Fat, brush-like pens, chisel-point to make thick and thin lines, fine point that produce a delicate, hair-like line. All are fun to use. Students cautious of the permanence of ink and not being able to erase, find that their seeing and drawing skills are strengthened by using a pen. Fine line drawings and rich areas of black and white make this tool is remarkable and fun to use!

At Free Online Art Classes you will find information-rich art instruction presented in the simple, step-by-step format I have developed and which has proven to be successful learning method for my students. For many of the lessons, I have created videos to show you how to develop the basic techniques you will need to master specific artistic skills.

Beyond art, I am a toaster oven enthusiast. I wrote a cookbook entitled, "Pop It In The Toaster Oven" which is available in the "Artful Cooking" section of this website. I have created over 50 videos demonstrating my recipes and cooking with a toaster oven.

View ALL of my art and cooking demonstration videos at my Palate and Palette YouTube Channels!

I have also written many Ezine articles on art, lighting and creativity. Click here to read my recent Ezine article"The Fragile Quest," and to see all of my other Ezine articles!

And...if you live in or around Wilmington, North Carolina... my local monthly art workshops are listed here, as well. Just click on the "Wilmington Classes" button on the left to see the schedule of my monthly local art class offerings.

Free art lessons, many rich resources for creativity AND over 150 learning videos for art and cooking! That's what Free Online Art Classes is all about! Be creative, live longer, be amazed and amazing!

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Wilmington NC Art Classes--Something for everyone, sign up now!
Art Lesson FAQ's
Art Lesson FAQ's-Frequently asked questions about art lessons.
Learn About The Artist Within You
Learn About The Artist Within You, Discover You Artistic Self! Six Fun, Easy and Rewarding Lessons Tap Your Creative Abilities. Learn To Think Creatively Through Art Projects.
Learn Basic Drawing
Learn Basic Drawing. Six Lessons--Learn drawing basics of line, tone, shading and drawing what you see.
Draw With Pen and Ink
Draw withh pen and ink. Learn how to use this medium, black and white contrasts, crosshatching for gradations.
Learn Conte Crayon
Learn Conte Crayon. Six easy, fun and rewarding lessons in a step by step, information-rich format to guide you towards drawing skills with this wonderful medium!
Learn To Draw With Colored Pencils
Learn To Draw With Colored Pencils. Learn how to shade,highlight,blend colors,--through six fun, easy and rewarding lessons!
Learn Oil Pastels
Learn Oil Pastels,an easy, fun and rewarding way to be creative. Easy to use and beautiful colors!
Learn Acrylic Painting
Learn Acrylic Painting--Three Learning Levels--Beginning, Intermediate And Advanced.
Learn oil painting
Learn oil painting-the medium of the masters! By using this step by step method, the student is first acquainted with mixing colors and the properties of oil paint.
Learn Collage
Learn Collage, a unique and fascinating art form using common, everyday materials and your imagination.
Learn Printmaking
Learn Printmaking--Six easy, fun and rewarding step by step lessons that show you how to develop your skills in printmaking. Basic techniques covered.
Mixed Media
Mixed Media
Learn How To Make Jewelry
Learn How To Make Jewelry--Skills and techniques of beading, using semi-precius stones, a directory of findings and much more!
Fabric Printing
Fabric Printing-Here's an easy step by step lesson that will introduce you to my fun and easy technique of printing your own original images on fabric.
Water Color
Water Color-Learn how to paint with water colors from this information-rich website. All you need to know about the basics and to develop your water color painting skills!
Art Projects
Art Projects - Short and sweet, for a rainy day, Girl or Boy Scout Groups or anyone who wants to learn creative skills, use their imagination and make something with their own hands!
Art Lesson Videos
Art Lesson Videos--A great collection of my information-rich art videos.
Finding Subject Matter
Finding Subject Matter--Where do you look for content for painting and drawing?
Artful Lighting
Artful Lighting--Quality of light can change your life. Replace bulbs, lamps, sconces, overhead fixtures and be inspired!
Artful Aging
Artful Aging--A great opportunity to begin to create!
The Artful Life Program
The Artful Life Program--an lifelong learning initiative, a program specificallly written for retirees.
Artful Inspiration
Artful Inspiration-Here's a place for creative people to gather and exchange ideas, concepts, websites!
Artful Cooking
Artful cooking. Make meals masterpieces. Review my toaster oven cook book. Here is a source of luscious recipes and a celebration of the creative cook in all of us.
Artful Gardening
Artful Gardening--beautify your backyard, patio, frontyard with creative gardening techniques.
Art Tours and Travel
Art Tours and Travel--Take a cultural journey, stay at artists's retreats
Homeschooling,many parents have chosen the provide a quality educatiion for their children. Quality learning and personal guidance puts kids ahead of the class!
Art Marketing
Art Marketing. Want to sell your artwork? Need some good, sound advice and information? There are great sites that can deliver this to you!
Art Therapy
Art Therapy is a burgeoning health care service that offers good career opportunities.
Lois DeWitt Gallery
Lois DeWitt Gallery
My Pastel Gallery Lois DeWitt
My Pastel Gallery of recent pastels by Lois DeWitt. Each pastel is matted with a three inch acid-free white mat , acid-free backing and protected with a transparent sleeve.
My Children's Stories
I have written and iillustrated two children's stories--"Black Charles and Mrs. Gray" and "When Kevin Was King"." I hope you enjoy reading them!
Contact me
Contact me--
Requesting donations
Requesting donations for Free Online Art Classes---Why? New laws passed in NC have made it difficult for online business to survive.

Real Feedback

...I currently I'm working with a author for children's books and I'm doing some of the illustration. This has been a real challenge, but enjoying it. When I not at home my sketch pad goes with me and I'm practice on something all the time. I've taken my art more serious and have the time to do what I thought I would never be able to do and you have inspired me to make me realize a dream that I thought I wouldn't get to do in my life time. Will be sending a picture for you to look at and see where I need to do to improve. It may take a week or two, but you will hear from me. Janice


I'm 60 and just getting back into art. My mother was an artist and I always wanted to be one too. I like the (acrylic) painting and I'm just finishing up the Intermediate! Never though I could paint so good! Eleanor Fuller


Please send link to basic drawing lessons--enjoyed your blot painting! Thank you, Phyllis


Hello Lois....In your introductory e-mail you asked about who I am. I'm retired. As I watched my triplet grandchildren drawing and creating fine looking artwork, I got to thinking about how much I had enjoyed drawing when I was about their age. My recollection is that I was pretty good but in truth probably not as good as my aging memory recalls. I do know, though, that I enjoyed it very much. So one day I sat down with paper and pencil to sketch a masterpiece only to find that all the talent I had as a teenager had been lost somewhere on my journey to senior citizenship. The desire, if not the ability, was there so I began searching the net for drawing lessons. I was surprised to find sites that actually provided free lessons. (I fully expected to pay for lessons) I was most impressed with your site so here I am....hoping to reawaken a long suppressed interest in the art of drawing.

Darrell Larson


It's never to late to do art! I've been painting with water color and then did some little cards for my twelve year old niece.

Thank you for your art lessons,

Betty Jacobsen

Notes on Writing The Artist Within Lessons...

Five years ago, for a small business course at a community college I developed a financial plan for "The Artful Life Program," a series of art learning classes for 55+ students.

This offering of art classes could be installed in a community recreation center, a church basement, an instructor's house, or wherever people wanting to learn and do art could congregate.

I had to do the financials, figure out what would be needed to teach in a facility and project an income and expense sheet for its operation.

I came a way from the small business class with a good working plan for bringing art to the 55+ community. One of the classes I called "Finding The Artist Within." Based on my experience with teaching older people, the course was constructed to refresh, inspire and develop creative skills through a series of exercises. I made each project simple, fun and provocative and directed towards an end goal of helping the students choose an artful direction in painting, drawing, printmaking, or collage.

Through six lessons, students could develop their imaginative, visualizing and creative skills will working on projects that were fun for the group and not intimidating.

Over the years, I have taught "Finding The Artist Within," in in private classes as well as life-long learning programs. It remains today, one of the most popular class offerings I have!