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I hold a BFA degree from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and a MFA degree from Pratt Institute, NYC. I have worked in many art areas: Art Instructor at Middletown Community College, art instructor for the New York City Friends School, director of a ceramic studio in Ancramdale, NY, supervisor for the North Miami facility of the Miami Metropolitan Museum and initiating studio-site concept art classes in Boston, Falls Village, CT and Wilmington, NC.

I am fascinated by the flora and fauna of this coastal area. On our frequent walks in Carolina Beach State Park, Charley (my Standard poodle) and I have made the acquaintance of pine snakes, box turtles, fox squirrels, crows, chickadees and many other Park residents.

Carolina and Kure Beaches provides an amazing variety of citizenry including crabs, sea turtles, dolphins, sharks and sea birds.

These have become my oil painting and water color subjects. I impose my whimsy on their forms by changing their colors and I draw into their shapes with symbols and writing as my personal effort to guard these fragile species against the ever-increasing threats we humans impose on them.

If a sea turtle in my water color has "live long and prosper" written over and over on its shell, my hope is that will happen.

And if you live in the Wilmington, NC area, I invite you to my Sunroom Studio where I teach classes in painting, drawing and many other art subjects. My classes are limited to four students which gives me the opportunity to work individually with each student to help them learn new creative skills and guide them towards finding own personal creative path!

Just click here for more information on my Wilmington, NC classes.

I hope that the art lessons I've created for this website will inspire you to find your own hidden creative talents (yes, we all have them!) Please check out the art class buttons on the left to find what you want to learn--and yes, all my art instruction is FREE to you! Why not enrich your life and get creative today?

"Bass Baby"

Oil painting by Lois DeWitt

You can view all of my latest artwork on display at this link:

Here is an easy option for PURCHASING my artwork. Click here to go to my Dewittart-seacoast Gallery. Scroll down to Art FOR SALE, view my ALBUMS and purchase securely with PayPal. I guarantee shipping within three days!

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Real Feedback

It's nice to know this site is available. I appreciate the quick response to individual questions. Thank you,

John Ianniello

dba/Murals and More


Lois, I enjoyed your newsletter and get a lot out of the visual you tubes. Your help and interest in my work keeps me challenged. Janice Stratton


"I used to love doing art but then life got it the way and all of a sudden it had been 10 years since I picked up a pencil to draw or a brush to paint. I decided to make time in my life for art again, but didn't know where to start and felt so rusty. While researching online I came across Lois' website and it was the answer I was looking for! Lois' lessons are great for beginner and experienced alike, they are very professional and really are free like the website says! I have run across other websites that make this claim and then follow with hidden fees. Not only are the lessons free, but Lois will help you every step of the way just by sending her pictures of your work in progress! These lessons are a valuable asset for anyone wanting to bring art back into their life, or dip their toes in for the first time." ~ Rene Wagenaar.


My six year old daughter and I love the Short/Sweet Art Projects!

Dan Bentley


I am a software developer, working at Propalms, living in India.

I decided to go for further studies in industrial designing and visual communications, thats why I searched for some drawing tutorials..and found your website.

Your website is like a treasure. Am happy reading it. This is exactly what I was looking for. I will read it and will keep you posted with my progress.

Again, Thanks a ton


Pankaj Gupta

Hi Lois,

To answer your questions, I live in Detroit, Michigan. I was doing alot of web browsing on the yahoo search engine looking for free art classes because right now, I cannot afford to pay to go to art school. So I was looking for free art lessons for the time being that would still provide the same kind of lessons to assist in my growth as an inexperienced artist. I came from a family of artists and the natural gift was passed down to me, however, I never took advantage of going to an art school to improve my craft. I look forward to your lessons filling that gap.

Demetria Head


Hi Lois,

I was searching the web for ideas for me to teach K-3 students in an after school art program which meets for about 10 weeks in Spring and Fall. I have no art background but would like to teach art concepts to children to help them become independent thinkers. I've seen the results of children's artwork through a friend and loved the results. Children are not afraid to explore. I also have a deep desire to use my right brain.

I live in Honolulu.

Ranie Mulligan