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colored pencils, drawing "Grapefruit Sections"

Colored pencil drawing

by Lois DeWitt

Welcome to Colored Pencil Drawing! Watch my video to find out more about these FREE lessons and what you can expect to learn!

Learn to draw with colored pencils

Through six easy, fun, step by step lessons you will learn how to shade and create highlights, blend colors to create rich color, draw what you see, and work toward your own stylization.

Exercises include: The Power Of Doodling, Shading and Highlights to Create Volume, Drawing A Still Life, Drawing A Landscape, Drawing Yourself, and Finding Your Style.

Also, the basic techniques of light and shadow , form, line quality, expression, movement and dynamics, texture, and composition will be covered in the six lessons.

colored pencil drawing "Poodles In Paradise"

Colored pencil drawing

By Lois DeWitt

Check out my video about my colored pencil drawing technique...

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"Hot Tropics Bird"

Colored pencil drawing

By Lois DeWitt

This is a great six lesson course for anyone wanting to explore colored pencils as a rich and exciting artistic medium. No previous drawing experience necessary.

Colored pencils are a wonderful way of drawing, creating brilliant, permanent color and whether you have drawing skills or not, colored pencils offer and wonderful expressive, creative medium to work with.

If you want to augment your drawing skills, click on the "Learn Basic Drawing" button on the left.

If you have some drawing skills already, refresh and invigorate your skills by learning how to create beautiful drawings with colored pencils!

Click here to start your FREE Drawing With Colored Pencils lessons.

Real Feedback

Thank you for sending the links. I live in Sunnyvale, California. I came upon your site when I was searching the internet for some ideas for developing lessons for a free art class I wanted to offer kids in my neighborhood.

Best regards, Saba


I am in Johannesburg, South Africa. (Where Soccer Fever is more important than art at the moment - our country is rocking and roaring with soccer and overseas visitors.) I am a parttime artist always browsing for ways to improve my painting. I actually do conceptual art and is already an advanced artist. I am always interested in the ways other people approach technique.




Thank you for the drawing with pencil and oil pastel video instruction.

I live in Maryland and I was in a bind because my son's art teacher became ill in the last two weeks of class for the summer. I home school, so I googled free art classes on-line and found your website. We will be working on these lessons this week. They are having a great time with the doodling with pastels exercise. We plan on visiting some art museums next week to round out their introduction art experience.

Thanks again,

C Foster