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 Drawing with pen and ink is a commitment.  The line you put down with an ink pen cannot be erased.But, drawing with pen and ink will give you confidence in drawing like no other medium can.

Beginning pen and ink drawing students do a pencil drawing first,  then going over it with pen and ink.  The needed confidence in drawing with pen and ink is developed this way. 

I recommend taking the Basic Drawing Lessons so that you will have the skills for the video lessons of "Drawing and Shading Drapery" or "Drawing Your Hand,"  "Draw A Face," "Draw Figures," "Draw A Tree," or "Drawing From a Photo."

If you want to draw imaginatively, you will not need basic drawing skills.  The videos: "Pen and Ink Imaginative Drawing," "Circle Becomes A Sphere"  "Quick Drawing of Charley,"Pen and Ink Imaginative Drawing," "Carolina Beach Buildings." will show you several different ways of drawing this way.

So, in these lessons you have plenty of options to enjoy exploring many ways of drawing with pen and ink!  Look at all of them and choose the video(s) that you want to do! 

Go to my Basic Drawing lessons

Drawing pens produce a black permanent line and come in sets with various nibs (point sizes) which provide a wide variety of drawing line options.  I favor gel pens for the quality of line they produce.

Get a good quality 9" by 12" sketch book, preferably spiral bound and perforated so that the pages can be easily removed.  I recommend the Strathmore drawing tablet and pens which can be purchased online by clicking on the Amazon product logo on this page.

Watch my video about how to draw and shade folds with pen and ink, then get a towel or small piece of fabric and arrange it into simple folds.

Now draw the fabric folds with pencil.  When you think it is fairly accurate, go over your pencil lines with pen and ink.  Keep your outline smooth and flowing, don't sketch.

Now do some shading.  If the light and shade is hard to see, keep in mind that you can make light and shadow by remembering that the valleys in the folds are shadow and the tops of the folds are illuminated.

Now erase your pencil lines.

When you are done with the drawing, look closely at it.  Do the folds look like folds? If not, try the exercise again. With practice you can master this simple line drawing technique!

Just a simple line can be very expressive!

Draw your hand , using a pencil.  Try to be as accurate as possible but don't take more than twenty minutes for this drawing.

Now go over your pencil lines with pen and ink. Do several drawings.  You will find that your drawing skills will improve with each drawing.

Interested in portraits?  Watch my video on"How To Draw A Face" with pen and ink.  It will help you with the skills and techniques your will need in drawing faces.

Here are videos that show how by using a combination of pen, ink and your imagination you can produce beautiful drawings!

Like drawing with pen and ink?  You should try fine-point Sharpies! They are available in a variety of lovely colors.  Here's my video that will show you the colorful crosshatch technique I use with Sharpies....

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Real Feedback

My eight year old son likes to draw. You sent me the drawing lessons and I am helping him with them. We are having fun and hey, guess what, I'm learning to draw too!Helga V, Sweden

I'm 50 and going to retire soon. I always wanted to be able to draw so now is the time. I saw your website and you sent me the classes link.What you said about my work I sent you was right on!Much improved, I'm hummin'  Mac B, Toledo,Ohio

I'm really impressed that I got good drawing instruction for free! Thanks so much, Brian Dudley

Hello, I have been drawing portraits lately and feel your crosshatching method has been very helpful! My shading has improved immensely!I will work on the line drawing as soon as I have time! Rose

Please send link to basic drawing lessons--enjoyed your blot painting! Thank you, Phyllis



Hi Lois, thought I would send you a quick note to tell you how much I appreciate your YouTube videos.  I found you last December when I purchased a Breville smart oven.  I'd never really used a toaster oven for anything other than toast and since finding you I've been cooking like crazy!  My husband thinks that's wonderful.

Also I introduced my daughter to your art lessons and she is delighted, especially with the stencil one of the fishes!  You encourage people of all skill levels to feel less intimidated by the thought of actually 'doing' a painting!

Anyway, just saying thank you and to let you know how much we enjoy Charlie as well.

Kindest regards,

Hey lois

I am a emerging artist here in sc I haven't had the opportunity to go to formal art schools

I have been drawing all my life as far back as I can remember.

I saw your free art classes online and book marked them and when I have more supplies

am going back.

I want to be taken seriously, I have started getting my art out there, and have started just recently

showing, my art, and sold a total of three works for aprox300.00 a piece

I still don't feel like I am a good enough artists and I desire to learn always learning

I am sending some samples of a small amount of sketches drawings, and paintings

I would love to get feed back from someone in the artworld

I have been mistreated by some artist that wouldn't even look at my art

when they found out I had not took art classes.......I've always wanted to just havent

had the opportunitys . thank you so much.


Elizabeth White


Hello Lois. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to learn hoy to draw and paint in diferentes styles and techniques. I just started and I've never had taken any classes til now with your tutorial.
I really worldwide appreciate your comments  about my still life exercise. I specially have problems with shading the table and painting the wood graining (as you can se in the picture) and also the table cloth. The melon sas difficult too, I feel something is missing there too . (Some things in the picture I didn't want them to apear in my painting)
I'm starting to work with the landscape. As son as I have ir done I'll send you the picture.
Best regards and thank you again.

Andrea Berkefeld (from México)