Basic Drawing Lesson Two

Basic Drawing Lesson Two: Another Shading Exercise

On a new sketch book page, rule two lines 8" in length and 4" wide. Using your pencil, this time start crosshatching on the top left side, starting out by making the lines very dense and gradually making them farther apart. On the bottom 4" section, do the same pattern, but alternate it, as you did in the first exercise. Again, you are working for an undulating effect between the two 4" panels.

When you are finished, step back and look at your work. Does it look like the alternating shaded areas are receding? Do the light areas look like they are coming forward and are illuminated?

Here is a video I created which will help you develop shading skills for this exercise.

Need more help with learning how to shade drawings?  As an affiliate of the Artists University Network, I recommend that you view the introduction to this tutorial which can help you develop your shading skills even further.  Just click on the link below to review the tutorial introduction.

About Left Brain/Right Brain Conflict

I suggest reading a seminal book on this subject, "Drawing From The Right Side Of Your Brain," by Betty Edwards. Edwards has done intensive research on the co-ordination of the right and left hemisphere in creativity and has successfully taught hundreds of students to draw accurately and with inspiration and insight. This book can be easily be purchased online at Amazon or at your favorite book store....

When my students get discouraged, I tell them that they are thir own best support. I can help professionally as an instructor, but first they must be willing to be receptive to art instruction--and that means neutralizing any feelings of anxiety, doubt or hesitation they may have regarding proceeding in the art learning process.

When students discover they have been talking negatively to themselves: "I can't do this! My drawing is terrible! Look at what others have done, I'm a dunce!" what is actually occurring is something very natural. Being aware of how these hemispheres work in our brains helps identify the inner dialogue and give us the power to change it.

So, when a student feels dejected or helpless in doing a drawing exercise, I ask them to push that feeling away and continue in a neutral way--that is, relying just on their eyes and hands and not letting their thoughts interfere.

Often my request is greeted with disbelief, but as student identify how their brain is instructing them, they can, indeed, stop the negative feeling and dialogue on go on with their work.

Basically, the left brain is verbal, logical and instructional and it will try to control the creative process. The right brain, where creativity lives, is non-verbal, relates to feeling, visualizing and imagining. As long as we let the words and instruction come in from the left hemisphere, we are handicapping our creative potentials and abilities.

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Real Feedback

Thanks so much for your website! I enjoy the Drawing Lessons. Lately my two kids got interested. They don't have art at school so this is a plus!



Just retired and looking for drawing class. I'm a fisherman and want to learn how to draw fish. I tried a couple times and they came out not like what I wanted. I'm taking your drawing class and I see what I didn't do. Thanks,

Bill Emerson



Hi Lois, thought I would send you a quick note to tell you how much I appreciate your YouTube videos. I found you last December when I purchased a Breville smart oven. I'd never really used a toaster oven for anything other than toast and since finding you I've been cooking like crazy! My husband thinks that's wonderful.

Also I introduced my daughter to your art lessons and she is delighted, especially with the stencil one of the fishes! You encourage people of all skill levels to feel less intimidated by the thought of actually 'doing' a painting!

Anyway, just saying thank you and to let you know how much we enjoy Charlie as well.

Kindest regards,


Hey lois

I am a emerging artist here in sc I haven't had the opportunity to go to formal art schools I have been drawing all my life as far back as I can remember. I saw your free art classes online and book marked them and when I have more supplies am going back.

I want to be taken seriously, I have started getting my art out there, and have started just recently showing, my art, and sold a total of three works for aprox300.00 a piece

I still don't feel like I am a good enough artists and I desire to learn always learning

I am sending some samples of a small amount of sketches drawings, and paintings

I would love to get feed back from someone in the artworld I have been mistreated by some artist that wouldn't even look at my art \

when they found out I had not took art classes.......I've always wanted to just havent had the opportunitys .

thank you so much.

Elizabeth White


Hello Lois.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to learn hoy to draw and paint in diferentes styles and techniques. I just started and I've never had taken any classes til now with your tutorial.

I really worldwide appreciate your comments about my still life exercise. I specially have problems with shading the table and painting the wood graining (as you can se in the picture) and also the table cloth. The melon sas difficult too, I feel something is missing there too . (Some things in the picture I didn't want them to apear in my painting)

I'm starting to work with the landscape. As son as I have ir done I'll send you the picture.

Best regards and thank you again.

Andrea Berkefeld (from México)

Watch my video on YouTube "Draw A Horse With Pencil"