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Printed Fabric Collages

by Lois DeWitt

Fabric Printing!

Learn to print your own unique images on fabric for wall hangings, quilts, artwear and collages.

Muslin, cotton or any natural fiber fabric works best, but polyesters and synthetics are OK, too. Old clothing, curtains, pillow cases, sheets, all are great for fabric printing.

Design your own painted images and printing plates. Learn mono printing or multi-printing techniques. It's all here for you in six easy, fun, step by step Fabric Printing Lessons.

And, many of the Fabric Printing lessons have great demonstration videos to help you with master printing skills and techniques. The possibilities are endless. You will be inspired! Your imagination will soar!

Click here to start The FREE Fabric Printing Project Videos.

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Real Feedback

I am truly amazed by

1.- your response and

2.- your prompt response.

There is so much BS on the net today that I wasn’t sure if you we’re legit or not. Now your comments on my work gave me a super-boost. Thanks a lot, merci beaucoup! As for the unfinished portion of the canvas, I took this as an exercise and didn’t see the point in “wasting” more paint. This is my first try and don’t really think it will ever reach the Louvre. Again thank you very much, I really do appreciate, my donation is on it’s way. Oh and a little question: I skimmed over all your lessons and did not find any info on mediums (linseed oil etc.). I am truly in a fog as to the use of those different products. Do you know any place I can find info on these like what they do, when to use them etc. Thanks again.

Claude Thibault


Ms. DeWitt,

Thank you for the drawing with pencil and oil pastel video instruction. I live in Maryland and I was in a bind because my son's art teacher became ill in the last two weeks of class for the summer. I home school, so I googled free art classes on-line and found your website. We will be working on these lessons this week. They are having a great time with the doodling with pastels exercise. We plan on visiting some art museums next week to round out their introduction art experience.

Thanks again,

C Foster




I found your sight through a simple Google search 'free oil pastel lessons'. I come from the south west of England and I am a teenager just starting out in the medium.

Thanks again for a wonderful free service,

Tom C.


Hello, I have been drawing portraits lately and feel your crosshatching method has been very helpful! My shading has improved immensely! I will work on the line drawing as soon as I have time! Rose


My six year old daughter and I love the Short/Sweet Art Projects!

Dan Bentley

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